Rivenbark, hung given that 3rd president shortly after resignation out-of Craig Martindale, who had been below accusation of sexual misconduct


Watchtower Bible and you may Area Neighborhood, Charles Taze Russell, Brooklyn, NY: Satan is the inventor of the idea of the brand new Trinity. The father is the supreme Goodness whoever genuine name is Jehovah. God was a composed being identified in the first place since the Michael new Archangel; they are “a god,” maybe not Jehovah. God merely flower spiritually, maybe not real, throughout the dry. The latest Holy Spirit is the unpassioned active push out of God. Just the anointed category (or nothing group) numbering 144,000 will go so you’re able to paradise, whenever you are dedicated “most other sheep” usually live eternally on the a paradise environment; new destroyed will disappear (annihilationism). Posts brand new Watchtower and you will Conscious! journals, new World Interpretation of your own Holy Scriptures (their own sorts of brand new Bible), also multiple courses. In the first place called Around the globe Bible Pupils, followers now are called Jehovah’s Witnesses. Character available.

Ways Globally, The, Victor Paul Wierwille New Knoxville, OH: Jesus isn’t God otherwise co-equivalent which have Goodness the daddy, an effective Unitarian doctrine out of God; latter-big date verbal phone call out-of God to help you reestablish the actual church. The group suits from inside the brief organizations titled Branches, usually inside the members’ property. Main employment movement ‘s the Way of Wealth and you may Energy, which changed the existing Electricity to own Numerous Life (PFAL) . The fresh Western Religious Push is their publishing sleeve. Its yearly show/meeting, the newest Material of Decades, has been discontinued. Newest commander was Rosalie F. The way has already established numerous splits nowadays. Character available.

Solution to Glee: Twenty-one-point stability formula written by L. Ron Hubbard promoted by the Chapel of Scientology to be used within the primary training.

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Most popular getting their own publication, A come back to Like; including blogged Illuminata and other courses

Weil, Andrew: A medical doctor which helped popularize New age alternative treatment otherwise holistic wellness in the guide, Spontaneous Recovery.

Wicca: The practice of witchcraft, character worship, worship of the Gods and you may Goddess, paganism and you will neopaganism, various groups with different brands. During the progressive form, it is a revival away from pagan religions (neo-paganism) plus the praise out of “pre-Christian” Gods and Goddesses. A common creed is actually, “Carry out what you should, and you will spoil nothing.” Modern Wicca owes far to your determine regarding Gerald B. Gardner and it has been next complex because of the blog of Patricia Monaghan, Gold Ravenwolf, the fresh later Doreen Valiente, and also the leading occult journalist Llewellyn Around the world Ltd. Into the common people, videos and tv applications such as the Activity, Standard Wonders, Sabrina the newest Adolescent Witch, and you will Charmed have aided notice teens and you will youngsters compared to that expanding faith. Get a hold of Miracle. Reputation available.

Word-Faith Path: A motion based in high region to your teachings from E. W. Kenyon (1867-1948) one became a definite direction in practise and you may leadership from Kenneth Hagin, an effective Pentecostal believe-recovery evangelist. Jesus themselves is alleged having developed the business and also to do all he really does of the speaking terms and conditions of trust. Mans production inside the God’s picture can often be realized in order to mean that human beings are “little gods” with the capacity of speaking innovative conditions out of trust. Nov Adam to your sin was translated while the with turned Adam (and all sorts of unredeemed some one) towards the Satan’s character so that as which have moved Adam’s godhood or dominion in the world so you can Satan. Jesus is thought having end up being people so you’re able to fix humans so you can godhood as the renewed “incarnations” out of God. He is believed to have inked this by perishing spiritually because the well as the personally toward get across, suffering in the hell, and during hell is the initial individual getting “born once again,” before eventually are raised on the inactive. People who have confidence in Jesus are purportedly motivated to dicuss words of faith once again, particularly in buy to track down real health insurance and economic success (each of which happen to be purportedly guaranteed because establish property from the Atonement). . Alternatively, conventional Religious theology teaches one Jesus and you will Goodness by yourself may bring about almost any the guy decides; one man was designed to mirror God’s profile and to apply his commonly, not to ever feel little gods; that man was fallen not Satanic in nature; one to God is still in control of the world; you to definitely Jesus Christ by yourself try God incarnate; you to Goodness passed away personally, not spiritually, to help you get united states; one to Goodness ergo wasn’t born once again; which health insurance and prosperity are assured so you’re able to believers regarding upcoming resurrection. For the time being Jesus heals and you will prospers individuals providentially and you can miraculously when so when he notices fit. All the followers of one’s Keyword-Believe educators try Pentecostals or any other evangelical Christians. Character available.