Beth HaShem, Jacob Hawkins, Odessa, TX: Sacred term, Sabbatarianism, keeps Old testament feasts and laws and regulations for salvation

Bible Code, Michael Drosnin: Bestselling 1997 book will teach you to definitely prophecies was undetectable inside an elaborate system off characters and you can terms into the Old-testament. Drosnin says which he made an effort to alert Israeli commander Yitzak Rabin out-of their coming assassination predicated on a forecast on biblical password. The theory is a form of numerology possesses specific associations for the Jewish occultism of Kabbalah.

Bible Pupils: Individuals semiautonomous teams one to bankrupt away from the Watchtower Bible and you can Area Community immediately following Joseph Rutherford took command over the business. Reprints the early writings off Watchtower maker Charles Taze Russell together with Divine Package of Years. Teams across the country go lower than some brands (e.g., Fort Worthy of Bible People, Chicago Bible People, etc.).

Biofeedback: Making use of EEG (electroencephalographic) feeback products to monitor mind surf and epidermis resistance for the goal of modification off mind surf. Professionals normally learn how to manage center costs otherwise generate brain wave pastime (alpha, beta, and you will delta) on usually so you can result in altered states from consciousness. Raises the capacity for leisure and/or triggering hypnotic states and you will physiological control just like you to in the yoga and you may Zen.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: Although that it Indian guru is actually dry, of numerous supporters nevertheless behavior his unique kind of Hindu beliefs and you may sexual yoga system attain enlightenment

Black colored Mass: A ritual within the Satanism you to attempts to negate or profane the brand new Catholic Mass. Black candles are used and you can Catholic prayers recited in reverse. Presumably, the fresh communion try sporadically performed playing with peoples bloodstream and you may skin.

Blood Atonement Philosophy: The assumption, t Younger, one to definitely sins the latest bloodstream away from Christ does not atone as well as for that sinner’s individual bloodstream need to be forgotten so you’re able to found forgiveness (Record out-of Discourses, Vol. 4, p. 53). No more instructed by the Chapel regarding Goodness Christ regarding Second-date Saints, the belief is normally preached and often practiced by people in Mormon Fundamentalist splinter groups. Even today, Utah allows destined murders to face execution of the firing squad rather than methods that do not forgotten new criminal’s bloodstream, such as for instance life-threatening injection or the electric couch.

B’nai Noah: Dual covenant philosophy, will teach Jesus isn’t the Saving grace of your Jews, Gentiles are to hold the Eight Regulations away from Noah and study the fresh new Torah (or Old testament) that have Jewish Rabbis.

When you look at the framework, God was speaking of a spiritual experience effected by God as a consequence of new Holy Spirit (get a hold of passages 6-8) to displace a sinful, fallen peoples in order to best experience of Your (get a hold of verses 16-21)

Book out-of Mormon: One of several scriptures or “Important Functions” approved by the Chapel off God Christ of Latter-big date New orleans saints or any other sects coming from Joseph Smith, including the Reorganized Chapel away from God Christ out of Latter day Saints and other Mormon Fundamentalist organizations.

Created Once again: Biblical name regularly determine regeneration (John step 3:3-7). Newer and more effective Decades followers train the identity are Christ’s reference so you can reincarnation otherwise rebirthing. Select Gospel.

Brainwashing: Pressed indoctrination having fun with various solutions to end up in a topic to abandon first political, social, or religious ideas otherwise viewpoints and you can replace those beliefs with an excellent comparing belief program. A translation proceed this link now regarding a great Chinese phrase xinao, “brainwashing” became a well-known name to explain the new phenomena regarding radical changes in the choices and you can key philosophy you to happened in certain prisoners off combat held when you look at the Chinese camps regarding the mid-twentieth-century. In a far more standard experience, the phrase is oftentimes regularly establish any kind out-of persuasion seen to be shady you to contributes to a revolutionary and bad improvement in identity. Find Lifton, Robert, Attention Manage.